Maintenance chain
 Aug 21, 2020|View:3485

As we all know, if the chain is not well maintained or used improperly, it will soon break down. Without the chain, the existence of this bicycle is meaningless. So it should be well maintained, but how to maintain it?

When do chains need maintenance

1. Reduction of variable speed performance.

2. Chain jamming or chain dropping (e.g. the chain is stuck in the front gear plate).

3、Noise is generated when the drive system is running.

The chain can be heard gurgling in a tunnel or passing through an object. (this means the chain is too dry.)

Maintenance is required at least once a month or every 250 km when riding on general roads, and at least once every 100 km for off-road driving.

 Lubrication method of bicycle chain:

After wiping or cleaning the chain with solvent, be sure to add lubricating oil. (it is not recommended to use organic solvent to clean the chain)

Before lubricating, make sure your chain is dry.

The lubricating oil is penetrated into the link part of the chain, and then it is thickened or dried. In this way, the easily worn parts of the chain can be lubricated.

Make sure that you use right lubricant. You can pour some into your hand and test it. A good lubricant will feel like water at first, but it will thicken or dry over time (lasting lubrication).

In order to avoid excessive oil accumulation and blockage, only oil the key parts of the chain. After oiling, the wear and abnormal sound of the chain can be reduced.

In other parts of the chain, only a little lubricating oil is needed to prevent rust.

Wipe off the excessive lubricating oil on the chain surface.

At the same time, attention should also be paid to the lubrication of rear variable speed guide wheel, sprocket and flywheel. Use the same principles to maintain and lubricate these parts.

After lubricating oil, wipe the excess oil on the chain with dry cloth to avoid dirt and dust adhesion.

Before refitting the chain, remember to clean the connection of the chain to ensure that there is no dirt residue