Neglectable safety checks before riding
 Jul 19, 2019|View:1408

Before going out, make sure whether the bike is in good condition. Generally, there are several routine inspections, such as tire pressure, brakes, faucets... Let's enjoy the experience from cycling enthusiasts. 


First, tire pressure

Just within reasonable range. Too high or too low will not only affect the speed and comfort of the ride, but also may cause a puncture or destruction to the rim. The French air nozzle needs a special pump or a adapter (called smart mouth). When pumping, turn the small screw at the front end of the nozzle and gently press the nozzle to release the air.


Second, the brake lever distance

Press the front and rear brake levers to check whether the two sides work properly. If the operation is not smooth, adjust the brakes.

Third, the head and group

Press the front brake, fix the handlebar, check whether the handlebars and the front headset are locked. If loosen, you need to adjust.

Attention: Loose head is easy to affect safety. Before riding, please confirm whether the front headset is locked.

Fourth, the brakes

The brake system is crucial on the way to ride, and is the key to ensure whether a bike is safe or not. To inspect the screw parts of the brake system, because the screws will inevitably loosen due to  long braking time.


Not only the problem of screws, but also the braking force of the brake system. When it comes to braking force, it is undoubtedly checking whether the brake has enough brake pads, whether the brake pipe needs to be replaced, and if it is oil brake, inspect whether to leak oil.