FAQ about first riding for green hand
 Aug 21, 2020|View:2907

As a bohemian and life loving office worker, riding is more suitable for sports, not only to release pressure, exercise the body, but also to lose weight and protect environment. The free experience of riding a bike at a high speed and the wind whistling through my ears can give people a sense of superiority.

It's very difficult for mature rider to explore the city. What kind of riding? Where to ride? Would you like to make a date to ride with? What equipment do you need bring? What are the possible problems? There are also 100,000 reasons in the minds of novices. This article will talk about it.


1.Why do you recommend cycling to explore the city around you?

It's better to ride by yourself than to read it a-hundred-times. After reading so many travel notes, it's so beautiful and so far away. If you think about the fortune in your hand, you'd better excavate the beautiful scenery around you first. And it's a relatively familiar environment. You don't have to do complicated homework. You just need to have a bike.

2. How to choose a route?

The ideal route is to find those non trunk road sections with less traffic flow, which is relatively safe and may encounter some small surprises.

Many cities have a river. It's a good experience to ride along the river at night. Of course, it's also fun to brush the streets at night (such as Chang'an Street in Beijing).

3. Shall I have a date to ride with?

Ask the bike shop nearby and join their cycling club. Many bike shops organize cycling activities on weekends. Look for old birds and take you off.

Besides, some people can also take pictures of you.


4. What equipment do you need to bring?

The basic equipment is helmet, gloves, sleeves, riding glasses. 

In addition, money can not be taken, mobile phones must be carried, it can be used for navigation, shopping...  If you like, you can also carry a small backpack to pack snacks, water and so on.

5. What problems might you encounter on the way?

Bicycle is not as easy to break as you think, unless you hit something, or you ride it on the glass, nails. It is also possible to have a flat tire when riding in the city, but the probability is very small. If you want to, you can also bring tire repair equipment.

6. What to do if I get lost?

Many friends who love cycling are actually road crazy. Even if they use mobile phone navigation, they may get lost. Just ask more people. Newsstand owners and grocery store owners are suitable people to ask for directions. But occasionally, there will be surprises if you take a wrong road.

Special reminder: don't ride at night.

7. The road condition is too bad, if there is no non-motorized vehicle lane?

According to the traffic law, if there is no non-motorized vehicle lane, you can ride on the side of the motorway. Just don't ride on the viaduct.

There are always many people who dislike the city they live in. For example, many Guangzhou riders say that Guangzhou city is not suitable for cycling at all. I can only say that it is sentimental! Slow down, I can go everywhere.

However, it is still recommended that you should avoid passing through local bus stations and railway stations during the daytime.

8. What can I do if I can't meet the demand of riding nearby?

We are gradually tired of scenery near our home, and we ride more and more far. At this time,  we can take advantage of public transportation (if you can take a bike).