Riding in Pegasus Water City
 Sep 02, 2019|View:916

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We have always been running by the guidance of the world, constantly pursuing faster speeds, and there is no end, especially for the urban transport.  When we look back, we found that the "fast life" marked by the automobile culture is not as good as imagined - work pressure, space pressure, traffic congestion, air pollution, etc. , just like the British singer John Lennon said, "When we are struggling for life, life has left us."

Therefore, the slow-moving system marked by walking and bicycles was re-recognized and picked up again when we were riding the Huayao electric bicycle to enjoy the Pegasus Water City on the weekend.

An endless stream of tourists is deeply attracted by water, towers, bridges, sculptures – completely regulated by European towns.


Riding, not only hobby, but also fall in love.