One-day tour of Hoya factory
 Sep 02, 2019|View:889

Changzhou Hoya High-Tech Co., Ltd. is a large electric bicycle manufacturer with an area of 1 3, 0 0 0 square meter. We are founded in 2 0 1 5. We have mature research and develop department and excellent sales team. Besides, we have the standard production line and the strict quality control system. 

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 We are a group of enthusiasts on a mission to propel a new generation of E-bikes, good quality, reasonable cost, energy efficient, and just plain fun transportation options. Over  several years of manufacturing experiences in automobile industry can guarantee the quality of our electric bikes to meet the standard of automobile parts based on ISO9001 and TS16949. 


Each year we are excited to announce our completely redesigned lineup of electric bikes with new features, such as, improved battery, new frame, reliable and stylish configuration, etc.. .