Five tips for riding in autumn
 Oct 18, 2019|View:1168

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Autumn is coming, we have already felt the coolness of morning and evening. In this weather or the dog days, do you still ride bikes as usual? I think not, however, which points do we pay attention to? 


We always emphasize replenishing water when riding in summer, but in autumn is same important. If you don't replenish water in time, your body's function will deteriorate, and the speed of muscle contraction and blood flow will slow down, resulting in the lack of energy and oxygen supply for your muscles. Replenishing water is the first thing.

Keep warm

After autumn, the temperature difference between morning and evening is big, and the fog becomes very heavy, our body feels cold. It is very important to keep warm at this time. Going out for a ride in the morning is ok. The body will gradually reach a level. In the evening, it's different. After cycling, the metabolism will return to normal, but the temperature will suddenly drop, so it's very important to keep warm.

Protecting joints

Hot in the day is the typical temperature in autumn. Knees and elbows may get hurt when it exposes outside especially in the cold wind. Therefore, when riding in autumn, keeping knees and elbows warm is one of the important things to do. Warm sleeves and fleece knee pads are your choice.


Different from the hot summer, when you go out for cycling in autumn, your body is in a low level, and your muscles, joints, and heart and blood system are all functioning slowly. The right warm-up will improve your body's function to adapt to the high-intensity riding state.

Hot bath

How comfortable it is to take a cool cold bath after riding in summer. But in autumn is very dangerous, or your joints will get hurt. A hot bath with proper temperature is the spring of life, making you refresh.

Of course, above five points, making preparations and abiding by the rules are also important. So that you can enjoy riding in autumn.