• fat tire  folding electric bike
  • 20 inch fat tire folding e bike
  • 20 inch fat tire folding e bike
  • 20 inch fat tire folding e bike

20 inch fat tire folding e bike

• Aviation All- aluminum folding frame
• Reliable disc brake
• Long life time seat post battery
• Shimano 7 speed free wheel
• Double battery, double suspension


With the popularity of cars, the roads are getting more and more congested. Bikes become an essential means of transportation for us, especially in cities. We not only ride bikes to work, but also do exercise. However, riding common bike makes us exhausted and sweat, so we designed HO&YOOY. Firstly a good bike, then a pedal assistant electric bike, also we added cruise control system






In order to reduce weight and save space, we creat seat-post lithium battery. Most people won't recognize it an ebike at their first sight. Considering battery safe, we use BMS system. It can effectively prevent the battery from over-charging, over outlet and high temperature. Besides, it is removable so you can either charge it in the bike or separately.

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