Never forget to ride
 Jun 10, 2020|View:4189

From every day there is no difference between cyclists and pedestrians, from month, it is same. But every-five-years, it will have a big difference. After 10 years, it will cause a gap. 

Love commuting

Not everyone can spare time to go cycling for exercise, especially after working a day, we feel exhausted and have no desire to exercise, sometimes we won’t eat anything.

What should we do? Commuting by cycling is a good solution, especially the company is less than an hour away from the residence. According to 2015 research data, 60% of citizens in Portland, where cycling is the most popular, cycle more than 2.5 hours for commuting.

In a city with heavy traffic, riding bicycle is more fast than taking a car. We ride bike and take exercise at the same time. When they go home, we will have a good appetite. 

As early as 2005, rigorous German scientists have concluded that moderate cycling for 3 hours every week can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 34%.

Relieve pressure

You will feel very free and pleasant when riding bicycle. It is not only a kind of weight-loss exercise, but also an exile of spiritual pleasure. Sticking to moderate cycling - at least half an hour a day, can help you reduce fatigue, improve your reaction, memory and make your mind more sensitive.

Cycling focuses on persistence, speed distance is not the key point, more important is to train people's willpower, self-control, endurance, self-confidence and a kind of indomitable attitude towards life. In addition to fitness, cycling can help you expand your social circle. Another nine-year study from Harvard Medical School found that if a person has many friends, the risk of early death can be reduced by more than 60%, blood pressure can be reduced, and the immune system can be strengthened. The results were so significant. The researchers concluded that there were no adverse health factors for smoking or obesity caused by close friends or confidants. Add health factors to cycling and you will be the winner.