How to ride more comfortably
 Jun 09, 2020|View:2679

There are a lot of benefits from cycling, but if you ride for a long time, you will feel painful, so few people can stick to it.

Some old riders get used to its feeling, they don't care about. In fact, we adjust our post, we can reduce pain.

You can learn about the reason of butt pain based on the riding miles. The feeling is also different, usually men feel numb and women feel painful.

If the posture is wrong, the butt will be hurt! In fact, one of the reason causing pain is incorrect posture.

1. Floating seating

    You may have heard an old saying that the seat is not for sitting, but for leaning!

In addition to using the correct riding posture and using body weight to step. Riding a bicycle is like riding a horse. It is "relying" on the seat instead of "sitting" the seat. The hips float on the seat, which not only saves energy, it can also reduce the pressure on the buttocks and allow blood to flow smoothly. The buttocks will not be numb and painful.

2. Change the seat position every ten minutes.

If the same posture is maintained for too long, it is easy to have paralysis. Move the butt posture about every 10 minutes, or you can stand slightly to let the blood flow. When you change the sitting position and posture, you will feel a heat flow

3. Ventilation and heat dissipation to promote blood circulation.

Every 30 to 60 minutes of riding, you have to get off the car and take a short rest. The squat lacing of toad exercises can  restore muscle fatigue, and allow ventilation and heat dissipation and smooth blood circulation.

It is also very important to choose the right seat. Simply introduce the seat of Hoya e bike.

For aesthetics and styling, each bike is fitted with a suitable seat.

1. Using cortical surface

Using wear-resistant and tensile surface fabric, double-layer filler, better elasticity and more comfortable

2. Comfortable and breathable

Reduce pressure on many sensitive parts of the body and maintain ventilation during riding

3. Rounded raised rear

Filled with elastic lining, soft support, ergonomic design

4. Rounded design with narrow front and narrow sides

Does not hinder thigh pedaling, does not rub the inner thigh