How to save bad mood? Cycling is one of the best ways
 Nov 16, 2019|View:2626

  Studies have shown that cycling (whether outdoor or indoor) is the second most effective way to relieve stress, depression and bad mood.

  Everyone knows that sports can help improve mental health. As a cyclist, we all know that cycling makes us feel better.

  Now, researchers have finished most significant research on the improvement of psychology by cycling, and confirmed that cycling (whether outdoor or indoor cycling) can improve psychology, especially team sports.

  The researchers spent three years investigating and analyzing the effects of exercise on mental health of 1,237,194 adults. During the whole research, participants reported their exercise type, amount of exercise and the number of days that they had bad emotional distress such as stress and depression during the exercise days, and published in the Lancet journal.

  All sports improve mental health: people who keep exercising feel bad for two days in a month, compared with people who don't exercise, it will be 3.4 days. For people who already have depression, exercise greatly improves their mental state, reducing bad days to four days of a month.

  The show indicates that team sports have additional benefits because they include social factors as well as sports itself. Therefore, if you often feel depressed or have a bad mood, you can ask some friend to take riding activities together, which can effectively improve your bad mood, increase your happiness and avoid mental illness.