Redesign mint green e bike
 Nov 08, 2019|View:2890

Last week, we update our electric bike. We change its color, saddle, handle bar and wheels.

green bike size.jpg

Innovative seatpost battery 

In order to reduce weight and save space, we creat seat-post lithium battery. Most people won't recognize it an ebike at their first sight. Considering battery safe, we use BMS system. It can effectively prevent the battery from over-charging, over outlet and high temperature. Besides, it is removable so you can either charge it in the bike or separately.


Customized 250W high speed brushless motor, only weighs about 2.5KG, but max torque ups to 40N.m. So you can uphill over 18°. It's so powerful that you don't have to worry about hills or against wind. What's more, its rated RPM is 300r/min, it can guarantee the speed of bike.

disc brake.jpg


HOYA special folder, fast to fold our bike without any pause.


LED light makes bike more fashion and enlights the road ahead.