Is it reliable to travel by electric bicycle
 Oct 25, 2019|View:702

As an entry-level hobbyist, how will you choose in terms of transportation, MTB (mountain bike) or electric bicycle? Although it is easier to ride bicycle with electricity, considering policy which bans riding motorcycle and suspicion of electric bicycle, is it really reliable to travel by electric bicycle?

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First of all, we have to define the electric bicycle. The electric bicycle is called pedelec. It is a bicycle with electricity as a supplementary energy and a pedaling function. It has two models, non-electricity and assisted model. Max speed is below 25km/h. Different from mobile bike, the electric bicycle still ride easily when it powers off. If mobile bike powers off, it has to wait for the rescue.

Six benefits of travel using electric bicycle:

① Spend the same energy, go further, see more scenery.

② No more fear of headwinds and uphill.

③ Do not lag behind with companion because the physical limitations 

④ When you feel tired and you have to go on, it can help you.

⑤ Moped with electric power flexibly, you can make the itinerary more perfect and even save a lot of time.

⑥People who don’t ride much and is lack of physical fitness can also enjoy the joy of travel.

Three shortages of travel using electric bicycle:

Based on the evaluation of all factors, you will find that there are some shortcomings in electric bicycle travel.

① The components such as the motor are so complicated. It is not easy to repair once the problem occurs.

② Because it needs to be recharged, you can't challenge no-man’s land.

③ It is usually weighs 20~30kg, while the average of wagon weighs between 10~20kg. This also means that if you don't use electric power, it will be more laborious to step on than a regular bicycle.

Although I have summed up so many deficiencies, taking into account the actual situation, good quality motors and batteries can withstand extreme temperatures within -15 ° C and  45 ° C. There is no pressure on harsh riding environments such as dust storms, mud roads, hail, rain and snow.