• As we all know, if the chain is not well maintained or used improperly, it will soon break down. Without the chain, the existence of this bicycle is meaningless. So it should be well maintained, but h...

    21 Aug

  • As a bohemian and life loving office worker, riding is more suitable for sports, not only to release pressure, exercise the body, but also to lose weight and protect environment. The free experience o...

    21 Aug

  • Last week, we update our electric bike. We change its color, saddle, handle bar and wheels.

    08 Nov

  • In terms of motorcycles, according to the 2018 import data of the European Union, the number of imported motorcycles has maintained a strong growth trend, as in 2016 and 2017, especially power of 250W...

    01 Nov

  • Autumn is coming, we have already felt the coolness of morning and evening. In this weather or the dog days, do you still ride bikes as usual? I think not, however, which points do we pay attention to

    18 Oct

  • Changzhou Hoya High-Tech Co., Ltd. is a large electric bicycle manufacturer with an area of 1 3, 0 0 0 square meter. We are founded in 2 0 1 5. We have mature research and develop department and excel...

    11 Oct

  • To make our journey more comfortable, we need to check our bike's condition. However, what aspects do we need to examine?

    19 Jul